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About Vin Zeeland

Empowering Transformation at The Culture Strategy

The Culture Strategy is the brainchild of Vin Zeeland. As the founder of this innovative consulting firm, Vin brings years of experience and expertise in corporate culture transformation, digital strategy, marketing, and strategic communications. With a passion for helping businesses thrive in the digital age and a deep understanding of the power of culture in driving success, Vin is dedicated to guiding organizations toward achieving their goals and creating positive, collaborative, and innovative work environments.

How I Got Here

Throughout the years, I've dedicated myself to continuous learning, hard work, and gaining valuable experiences that have shaped me into who I am today.


It all started with a deep-rooted desire to impact organizations and individuals positively, and that passion has been the driving force behind my journey.

I've been able to navigate various industries and face diverse challenges firsthand. These experiences have given me a deep understanding of the power of transformation and the incredible potential within each individual. By committing myself to personal growth and taking bold steps toward change, I've witnessed firsthand the incredible outcomes that can be achieved.

Today, as an influential figure in the transformation field, I'm honored to be a trusted advisor, speaker, and influencer, helping organizations and individuals embrace positive change and achieve their goals. I bring a unique perspective to the table, having walked the path of transformation myself.

Whether delivering dynamic keynote speeches, engaging in insightful podcasts, or providing strategic consulting, I aim to empower and inspire others to unlock their true potential. I firmly believe that remarkable transformations can occur when we embrace change, connect with others, and tap into our innate capabilities.


Join me on this captivating journey, where we will go in-depth on organizational culture, leadership development, and successful transformation strategies. We will explore the possibilities and unlock the power of change within ourselves and our organizations.


Let's embark on this remarkable transformation journey together and discover the fantastic results that await when we embrace change and unlock our full potential.


BS in Interdisciplinary Studies, Major in Psychology - Liberty University

Masters in Strategic Communications - Liberty University

Certified Strengthology Coach

Certified Relationship Coach

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