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What I Learned From Interviewing Leaders on The Culture Strategy Podcast.

Introduction: As an interviewer for The Culture Strategy, I have had the privilege of engaging in conversations with numerous leaders from various industries. These interactions have not only been insightful but have provided me with valuable lessons. In this article, I will share three key insights that I have gained through these interviews.

  1. Gratitude for Generosity: First and foremost, I have genuinely appreciated the graciousness of our interview guests. Despite their busy schedules, each leader took the time to engage in meaningful discussions about culture and business leadership. Their willingness to share their experiences and knowledge exemplifies their commitment to the development of others.

  2. The Art of Listening: Through these conversations, I have learned the art of active listening. It is not merely about hearing the words spoken but truly comprehending the nuances and underlying meanings. By focusing on understanding rather than responding with a counterpoint, I have honed my communication skills and deepened my understanding of diverse perspectives.

  3. Common Values and Building Relationships: One intriguing observation has been that leaders from different industries can possess contrasting views and values. However, they consistently share a genuine interest in uplifting and supporting others. Recognizing this commonality has opened up opportunities to build bridges and foster relationships. Investing time in these connections has furthered my growth and understanding, allowing me to clarify my own values and effectively convey my message.

Conclusion: Interviewing leaders on The Culture Strategy has been a transformative experience for me. The encounters have taught me gratitude for the generosity of others, refined my listening skills, and highlighted the importance of finding common ground to build deeper relationships. These invaluable lessons have not only contributed to my personal and professional growth but have also reinforced the significance of culture and leadership in driving success. I look forward to continuing these enlightening conversations and sharing further insights with our readers.

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